Box office results for June 11, 2012.

The two big movies that were released on Friday and going head to head this weekend were Prometheus and Madagascar 3. Prometheus, a prequel to the 1979 Alien movie, and Madagascar 3, a crazy comedy about three zoo animals on the run, are both aimed at different audiences and it really isn’t a surprise that Madagascar 3 won this battle due to it being a child and family friendly movie which will tap into a wider demographic.

Madagascar 3 took in $60,350,000 domestically and $75,500,000 overseas for a grand total of $135,850,000. This third movie in the franchise does not show any indication that it has gone to the well too many times for the reviews are good and it has a 76% positive rating at rotten Prometheus, the long awaited return of Ridley Scott to the Alien franchise (he directed the first movie) brought in $50,000,000 at the domestic box office and $91,500,000 in the overseas market where the movie was released on June 1st. Despite a 74% positive rating at rotten, Prometheus is not performing as well as expected. It will be interesting to watch and see how well Prometheus does in the weeks to come. I have no such concerns for Madagascar 3.

I wanted to update a couple other movies I have been following. The Avengers is still doing well and took in $10,809,000 over the weekend and has a domestic total of $571,860,000 and a foreign total of $824,400,000 for a grand total of $1,396,260,000. It is safe to say that The Avengers will not over take the number 1 & 2 movies, Avatar and Titanic, but it has had an excellent run and is performing much better than expected.

Sadly the movie Battleship is taking on water and is sinking fast. The domestic totals are abysmal. It has taken in $59, 830,000 since its release on May 18th. As you can see that some movies have an opening weekend larger than what Battleship has done in its run so far. It is doing better in the foreign market, $235,600,000, and with a production budget of $209 million it remains to be seen if the movie will make a profit.



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