What’s in the hopper?

Here is some more development news. Starship Troopers is being rebooted and there is some news on that movie. 

 Toby Jaffe mentions that the movie will not be as violent as the original. “The more expensive a film is, the harder it is now to make it that violent. With Recall in particular, we made a conscious choice to keep it tonally closer to something like Minority Report. It gives the studio, and us as producers, the opportunity to reintroduce it in a new way.”

Jaffe further mentions that the new Starship Troopers will be able to have the “jump suits” as featured in Robert Heinlein’s book. “Working in a visual-effects renaissance as we are, we have the ability to do so much more now. We can do the Jump Suits with armoured exoskeletons from Heinlein’s novel for example, which I don’t think they could have done before.”

Source: Empire Magazine. 

I really liked the original and it was a lot of fun. I don’t mind the fact that they’re rebooting the movie. Actually, the reboot of Total Recall (which has a new trailer up), gives me some hope that if Starship Troopers reboot is in the tone of the New Total Recall then I don’t have a thing to worry about. 


Edit: I think what Toby Jaffe is saying that times have changed since the original Total Recall and Starship Troopers were released. Both movies had an R rating. Today the special effects to do those movies is very expensive and with an R rating they would not attract a large enough audience to justify the cost. I am actually fine with this. The original Starship Troopers showed a militaristic and authoritarian state. The violence was a part of that world but I always thought it was a bit gratuitous and was there for shock value more than anything else. What more modern stories have demonstrated, such as the Hunger Games and Prometheus (a prequel to the R rated Alien) is that they could still tell serious stories with a PG-13. rating. 


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