Top 20 Monster Movies

20. Rodan 1956

Toho’s first monster movie filmed in color. After Godzilla Rodan was always a favorite monster. Good story that has the same serious tone as the original Gojira (Godzilla).

19. Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000)

Part of the alternate reality or millennium series this movie has some good monster action in the final battle and some interesting science fiction themes involving black holes.

18. Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

One of the non-giant monsters I really like. The story has a sense of claustrophobia as the inhabitants of the boat in the lagoon are trapped by the mysterious gill-man.

17. Godzilla (1998)

Yeah, this is Godzilla In Name Only, and doesn’t really seem like the iconic beast that we fans love. However, I do love the design of this monster and the special effects are great and it is a pretty enjoyable story…it slows down too much at Madison Square Garden but otherwise its a lot of fun.

16. Gorgo (1961)

This movie came on TV when I was about 10 and my mother told me to watch it…I loved it! The destruction of London is pretty intense as is the monster’s roar. The close up of the monster looks a little cheesy by today’s standards but otherwise the movie still hold up well.

15. Super 8 (2011)

Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by JJ Abrams this movie takes a nostalgic and heartfelt look at life in the late 70s. The monster/alien, designed by Neville Page is pretty creative and original. Good story about, love loss and family.

14. Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

This is a movie Godzilla fans either love or hate. It is a cartoon like romp with everything that is associated with Godzilla movies thrown in. It has aliens, mutants, giant and epic monster battles and wacky characters.

13. The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953)

It is a little slow by today’s standards but this is one of the pioneer monster movies. This movie was the inspiration for Godzilla.

12. Cloverfield (2008)

One of the “found footage” genre of movies. I was so hooked into the viral marketing for this movie back in 2007/2008. It was a movie that was best experienced on first viewing. It is still a good monster movie but repeated viewings are not as good as the first viewing due to the limited screen time for the monster and knowing what is going to happen. I love the design of the Cloverfield monster by Neville Page and hope we see this beast once again!

11. Destroy All Monsters (1968)

I saw this movie as a kid in the theater and I was 5 years old. I still enjoy the movie. The plot with the aliens isn’t as good as the one in Invasion of the Astro-Monster but all the monsters escaping from Monster Island makes up for that.

10. Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)

This movie has everything! Time travel, androids and giant monster battles, a strange and wacky plot, so I am good to go!

9. Invasion of the Astro-Monster (1965)

The first Godzilla movie with aliens invading the Earth. Interesting plot, great chemistry with the characters, good special effects and good monster fights and destruction. Two of the leading actresses are also very pleasing to the eye.

8. Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S (2003)

Part of the alternate reality or millennium series. I have read that this movie is a repeat of elements from other movies and is not too original and to some extent that is true…of many Godzilla movies! I like the warm relationship between the Grandfather and his grandson and the how the little boy’s uncle overcomes prejudice and ridicule to be the one to help save the day.

7. Godzilla vs. Destroyah (1995)

The last movie of the Heisei series. Godzilla is literally having a radiation melt down and must face one of his toughest foes. Emiko, from the 1954 original film returns.

6. Godzilla vs King Kong (1962)

The film where Godzilla movies began to be a lot of fun.

5. King Kong (1933, 2005)

The 1933 movie is a classic ans till holds up well today. It is what has inspired all that has come since then. The 2005 movie is very good, although a bit long and over the top in places, but the CGI gorilla really depicts how Kong should be.

4. Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999)

After the failure of the Sony-Tri star American Godzilla movie Toho returned to making Godzilla films to show how it is done right.

3. Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001)

The movie depicts one of the most powerful and evil versions of Godzilla to date.

2. War of the Gargantuas (1966)

Other than Godzilla, this is my favorite Toho monster movie. I remember seeing it as a child and it scared the crap out of me. Think Cain and Able as two giant hairy green and brown monsters hell bent of destroying one another.

1. Godzilla (1954)

Both the Japanese and American versions are top notch. Although the series went on to have movies that were serious and ones that were down right silly but enjoyable, they never again were able to capture the horror, somber and desperate tone and mood of the all time classic original.


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I was born in 1963 and that is relevant to my development of my love for science-fiction and fantasy movies, comic books, superheroes and many other things attributed to Nerd culture. In the 60s I watched all the Saturday afternoon Godzilla and monster movies I could take. In the 70s I became hooked on Star Trek. I am also an artist (in my own mind at least) and a musician. I enjoy learning about physics, astrophysics, chemistry and earth silences such as meteorology, anthropology, paleontology. When I reached my late 30s I began to re-explore my nerd roots. I reconnected with my love of science fiction and fantasy movies along with the other science related topics. For this blog I will focus on movie and TV reviews for science fiction and fantasy and post my thoughts on up coming movies. I will also include some fun facts from the various sciences I enjoy along with weather facts and bits from royalty and history. What I will not discuss is religion and politics. I am married to a beautiful woman named Sarah and have a lovely daughter named Danielle.

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