Godzilla vs Gigan 1972

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The next movie on our list is Godzilla vs Gigan and boy is it a strange one! Once again Toho studios links Godzilla to space aliens. I am a bit mixed about this movie. As I have been wading through Godzilla’s catalog I am starting to appreciate some of the cornier and cheesier entries. If you have been following along with these reviews you will noticed that the Godzilla franchise is a smorgasbord. You have a bit of everything. From serious adult themed movies (no, not porn) and movies aimed toward children and fun lighthearted science fiction style in the middle. It shows how versatile the character is. He can be evil and he can be good, it all works.

In this movie aliens from Space Hunter Nebula-M are going to colonize earth. They have a tape that they are using to control two space monsters, Gigan and King Ghidorah. Gigan is a very strangely designed monster. I don’t know if you support Evolution or Intelligent Design but neither theory can account for a giant monster with one red eye that shoots out laser beams out of its forehead, metal hooks for hands and a giant buzz saw protruding from its chest and abdomen!! The aliens are using a tower in a new children’ s theme park. The tower is shaped like Godzilla! Hold it just one minute. Yeah, sure Godzilla was a hero and defender of the earth by this time in the franchise, but he’d also killed thousands if not millions of people. So it is difficult to stretch the imagination and to think of a giant monster that had murderer of millions being the center piece in a child’s amusement park! What were they thinking! Whew! Now that I have gotten that rant out of my system on to the story.

Well, there isn’t much of a story. The human back story involves a manga artist, Gango, who goes to work for the theme park and uncovers the aliens plot. Gango and his friends play one of the tapes by mistake and over on Monster Island Godzilla and Anguirus hear the signal and…here it comes…Godzilla talks to Anguirus and tells him to go investigate what is going on! In the Japanese version, cartoon bubbles appear over their heads with the words they are speaking. In the American version, they actually speak to one another in a squawking and squeaky voices. It depends on your point of view but this is either funny and hilarious or stupid and a new low for the franchise. I have lightened up a bit and come to see it as funny and corny in a campy style. When Anguirus arrives in Tokyo the Japanese Defense Force, who obviously doesn’t speak monster, drives him back into the sea. Once back on Monster Island he elicits Godzilla ‘s help and they return to Tokyo.

Here is the video of Godzilla & Anguirus talking. 

The aliens have a laser in the tower and try to kill Godzilla but Gango and some friends destroy the tower and kills all the aliens. Then Godzilla and Anguirus fight King Ghidorah and Gigan in an epic and lengthy fight with Godzilla and Anguirus victorious, they chase the two baddies back into space. Godzilla and Anguirus swim off into the sunset and back to Monster Island.

This movie is an acquired taste. All movies are subjective and some fans I have met just love it because it is so cheesy and over the top with tons of things to laugh over, although a Godzilla comedy was not the intent of Toho Studios. Some fans feel that this is one of the very worst of the franchise. I am somewhere in the middle. It isn’t one of my favorites but it is funny in its eye rolling corniness. Even though I can appreciate it on some levels it really is near the bottom of the barrel.  Ishirō Honda was not responsible for this fiasco, Jun Fukuda was. This surprises me because he did do the more successful and better filmed Godzilla vs the Sea Monster and Son of Godzilla.

 I rate this movie: D-



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