Star Trek vs Star Wars

Star Trek vs Star Wars

Tomorrow in my blog I am going to list some movies that celebrate Nerd culture. In one of those movies there is a humorous rivalry between Star Wars fans and Star Trek fans. I got to thinking about this….does a real rivalry between the two franchises exist? I frequent a few message boards related to movies and TV shows and I really do not find the stereotypical rivalry between the two franchises. What I do find are people like me, who tend to favor one franchise over the other but they are still both liked.

I am a much bigger Star Trek fan than I am a Star Wars fan, although I do really like Star Wars and I own all six movies on DVD. I became a Star Trek fan when I was about 13 back in 1975. The original Star Trek series was in syndication in the early 70s and I discovered the show when we first got cable. I was mesmerized and hooked and soon became pretty obsessed with all things Star Trek. I think the reason I like Star Trek more is that I can personally relate to the characters more. As someone who has always felt emotions strongly 

Then in 1977 I went and saw the original Star Wars and I was mesmerized and hooked about that movie too! I loved it. I even like like the prequels and that may be blasphemy to more hard core Star Wars fans!!

I don’t think that the rivalry that is often depicted in movies and the media truly exists. If there are those that love one and hate the other I think they are rare. So, for any of my readers, chime in where you fit on the Star Trek vs Star Wars continuum.


About liamfoley63

I was born in 1963 and that is relevant to my development of my love for science-fiction and fantasy movies, comic books, superheroes and many other things attributed to Nerd culture. In the 60s I watched all the Saturday afternoon Godzilla and monster movies I could take. In the 70s I became hooked on Star Trek. I am also an artist (in my own mind at least) and a musician. I enjoy learning about physics, astrophysics, chemistry and earth silences such as meteorology, anthropology, paleontology. When I reached my late 30s I began to re-explore my nerd roots. I reconnected with my love of science fiction and fantasy movies along with the other science related topics. For this blog I will focus on movie and TV reviews for science fiction and fantasy and post my thoughts on up coming movies. I will also include some fun facts from the various sciences I enjoy along with weather facts and bits from royalty and history. What I will not discuss is religion and politics. I am married to a beautiful woman named Sarah and have a lovely daughter named Danielle.

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