Godzilla vs Mothra: Battle for Earth. 1992

With the great success of Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah Toho rushed into production its sequel. In many ways this movie is a remake of Godzilla vs the Thing. It reintroduces Mothra in this new continuity and has similar elements. Akira Ifukube returns to grace us with his musical genius and legendary Godzilla actor Akira Takarada makes his first apperance in a Heisei series Godzilla film. He starred in several Godzilla films from the Showa era including the original 1954 movie. The twin fairies who often accompany Mothra are present in this film, although they were called the Shobijin during the Showa era, in this movie they are refereed to as “the Cosmos.”

The movie begins with a meteor striking the earth that results in both waking up Godzilla, who is very cranky without his morning coffee, and also uncovering a giant egg on Infant Island. We also see, an man named Takuya stealing an artifact from a cave suspiciously dressed like Indiana Jones including the Whip! He narrowly escapes disaster in true Indiana Jones style. He is arrested once he escapes the cave he is in and he is confronted with a proposition: His ex-wife, Masako, along with members of the Marutomo Corporation, have have persuaded the authorities to release him to help investigate the egg on Infant Island.

It is on Infant Island that Takuya, Masako and Andoh come across the egg and the twin fairies calling themselves the Cosmos. The Cosmos explain that an ancient civilization created the monsters Mothra and Battra (Mothra’s evil twin) and that Mothra once defeated Battra in a war that also destroyed this ancient civilization. As Takuya, Masako and Andoh are bringing the giant egg back to the Japanese mainland Godzilla arrives just as the Mothra larva hatches. Then Battra also shows up and a fight between Godzilla and Battra occurs and Mothra escapes.

Andoh is upset that the egg has hatched and fears that his bosses at the Marutomo Corporation will be upset. In order to bring something back to his bosses Andoh steals the Cosmos. Mothra then heads to Japan looking for the Cosmos and causes great destruction. Takauya steals the Cosmos from Andoh and is reunited with his ex-wife Masako and their daughter and he pledges that he will turn his life around. Just at this point the Japanese Defense Force attacks Mothra who begins to spin herself into a cocoon.

Godzilla then returns to Japan just as Mothra breaks out of her cocoon and appears in her final and familiar form. We also see Battra spontaneously transforming into his final form. Mothra and Battra team up and begin to fight Godzilla. As they defeat him Mothra and Battra fly Godzilla out to sea but not before Godzilla roasts Battra with his atomic plasma breath killing him. As Godzilla and Battra fall into the seas Mothra returns to an airport run way where they explain that in 1999 a meteor will destroy the earth and that Battra was sent to destroy the meteor. The Cosmos does reassure everyone that Mothra will take over Battara’s job and save the earth from the meteor when its time.

This is not a bad movie, neither is it spectacular. I think it is much better than the latter Showa movies but I would say it is an average Heisei series movie. It certainly is not the worse of the Heisei series that comes soon. The story is enjoyable and the characters are certainly likable. Even Takuya, who is the thief we see robbing the cave at the start is snot really painted as your typical bad guy. But things like stealing the Cosmos was done in another movie so some of the elements of this movie are things we have seen before. Also, it is great to see Akira Takarada in another Godzilla movie he is not given much to do at all. He is in scenes with the prime minister and we seem them only standing around complaining and wringing their hands about how awful everything is.

Godzilla looks pretty menacing in this movie and is designed the same as he was from the last movie. Although this design is not my favorite I like the menacing aspect of his look throughout this series as it is preferable over the cartoon look he developed in the later Showa series. There are some scenes of Battra causing destruction and in the foreground we see people running. These effects around scenes like this are much better than they were in the 60s and they really give you the perspective of scale these monster have.

All-in-all a good entry in the franchise even though it really isn’t offering anything too new. Battra, as Mothra’s evil twin, is a good creative idea and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in another movie. I do enjoy popping this DVD into the player every now and then, like I did last night in order to review this movie, so if you have never seen it I would recommend it.

 I rate this movie: B


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