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Last Friday night I watched the rebooted version of The Munsters from the pen of Bryan Fuller creator of series such as Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies. I was and am a big fan of the the original 1960s TV show so I was anxious to see this new take on the classic frightfully funny family.

This next section is from wikipedia and explains the cast and the characters.

Jerry O’Connell as Herman Munster is apparently a made monster, something his father-in-law likes to rub in. His making is helped along by Grandpa. Unlike the previous Herman, this Herman is actually very intelligent but has a sensitive heart, emotionally. He loves all his family and to much lesser extent even his father-in-law. Because he loves his family so much, he has a heart condition.

Portia de Rossi as Lily Munster is the kind, charming, and lovely matriarch of the Munster family. Unlike her father, Lily tries not to attack or manipulate humans. She loves her family very much and only wants them safe.

Charity Wakefield as Marilyn Munster who is the normal looking one of her family. Her family constantly give her a hard time on her decision to look and act normal. Her mother at one point tried to eat her because of her appearance, but Grandpa talked her out of it. She’s somewhat adjusted to her family’s odd ways and tries to keep a happy demeanor.

Mason Cook as Eddie Munster did not know he was a werewolf, until puberty set in and ‘incidents’ started to happen. He is very adjusted to his family’s lifestyle. He’s recently been told what he is and isn’t happy that he’s a werewolf. To make him feel better, his parents got him Spot the dragon, as a pet.

Eddie Izzard as Grandpa (Sam Dracula) who often likes to act like head of the family. He enjoys making wise cracks at Herman’s expense. This version of Grandpa is much darker than his previous incarnation as he doesn’t mind killing in front of his own grandson and plots things behind the family’s back.

Now for my review. I had mixed feelings about the episode. The tone is much darker than the original and the humor is dark humor. Dark humor didn’t bother me but when grandpa, played in a marvelous fashion by Eddie Izzard, is naked and eating a dear he killed disguised as a mountain lion, that was abit too much for my tastes.

My other problem was with the look of the characters. While they are more normal looking than their 1960s counter parts, they have gone too far in the other direction. They look too normal and in the case of Jerry O’Connell portrayal of the Frankenstein like monster, Herman Munster, he acts too normal. Marilyn Munster used to be the more normal one of the bunch but she was even more creepy than Herman was in this episode! If this does get picked up as a series, and so far it has not been picked up, some minor tweaking of the looks and actions of the characters would be good.

The story centers around little Eddie Muntser who had attacked his scout troop at the start of the show after he turned into a werewolf. He has no memory of the incident and does not know what happened. His family is forced to movie. They find a run down mansion once owned by a serial killer. The family moves in to set up house. Meanwhile Herman’s stitched together heart keeps giving out so they must find a permanent replacement heart. Herman doesn’t want a heart that will cause him to feel differently so they pick Eddie’s new scoutmaster, who has a crush on Lily, as the new organ donor…they just have to kill him first. Amidst all of this is Lilly and Herman debating whether or not to tell Eddie of his “condition.” They eventually do and to console him Herman and Lilly give him his very own pet dragon..Spot.

I did enjoy the story a good deal. Despite my minor quibbles about the characters and their make up it really was a good episode. The house looks fantastic and the special effects are very good. When Grandpa is in the form of a demonic vampire with bat-like wings I must say that was some impressive special effects. Also, after almost 50 years of loving this show we finally got to see Spot, the pet dragon that lives under the stairs! All-in-all a good re-imagining of the classic show and I would certainly watch it each week if it gets picked up as a series.


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