Godzilla vs Destoroyah 1995

Godzilla vs Destoroyah

This was the last Godzilla of the Heisei series. For its last film long time producer Tomoyuki Tanaka tapped director Takao Okawara to helm the film. Akira Ifukube returned for the very last time to write and produce the film score for a Godzilla film.

When the movie begins we see Miki Saegusa and another psychic, Meru, discovering Birth Island, where Little Godzilla and his papa were last seen, has been destroyed. The next scenes flashes to Hong Kong where we see a burning and flaming hot Godzilla rise from the ocean to attack the city. Noting that something is terribly wrong with Godzilla a brilliant young college student, Kenichi Yamane, adopted grandson of Dr. Yamane the paleontologist from the first Godzilla movie, knows what is going wrong with Godzilla. He has theorized that Godzilla’s heart, which is more like a nuclear reactor, is in meltdown mode and will soon explode devastating the earth.

While this is going on the Ariake district of Tokyo is experiencing problems with the soil because it contains no oxygen. Also a large public aquarium suffers losses when microscopic sea creatures destroy all the sea life in the aquarium. It is soon discovered both of these phenomena are repercussions from Dr. Serizawa’s oxygen destroyer invention from 1954! The Super-X III is launched to confront Godzilla and attempts to freeze him so he will not continue to meltdown. Although the process is successful it proves to be only temporary.

The microscopic sea creatures begin to grow and morph into several creatures. Suddenly from the sea Little Godzilla rises up. However, he is now called Godzilla jr as the radio active fallout from the destruction of Birth Island. Miki Saegusa telepathically tells Godzilla jr. to meet up with with the monster that has morphed into one creature. Godzilla jr. confronts the monster and beats him easily. Just as the victory seems assured Godzilla himself shows up. If his core temperature rises he will explode shortly. At this stage the monster defeated by Godzilla jr morphs into one giant bat-winged 394 foot tall monster called the Destroyer. Destroyer quickly carries off Godzilla jr, who is much smaller to the fully grown Destroyer, and drops him into a building which violently explodes killing Godzilla jr.

This enrages Godzilla and the two giant behemoths begin to fight. After a noble fight a weakened Godzilla tries to blast Destroyer one more time with his atomic breath and Destroyer blows up in a giant fireball. Godzilla then turns his attention on his son and tries to revive him but to know avail. Then Destroyer rises up one final time but he is too much for Godzilla. The Super-X III swoops in and deals Destroyer a destructive final blow.

After the death of Destroyer Godzilla begins his final meltdown. His radiation levels begin to plummet and instead of exploding we view Godzilla slowly melting away like a waxed candle. As Godzilla fades from existence the radiation leaking all around revives Godzilla jr who has morphed into an adult Godzilla and as the movie ends he lets out the familiar Godzilla roar.

In my opinion this is the best of the Heisei series. They certainly went out with a bang! Pun intended. One of the things that I enjoy about this movie is how it ties into the 1954 original movie. There are references to Dr. Serizawa’s oxygen destroyer and even Momoko Kochi reprises her role as Emiko Yamane from the first film. In my past reviews I have mentioned that the events of the 1991 time travel laden film Godzilla vs King Ghidorah erased the original movie, along with the first two movies of the Heisei series, from the time line. I was wrong about that and in a future blog post I will discuss the time line of the entire Godzilla franchise.

The special effects are really very well done in this movie. In the start of the movie we see Godzilla rampaging through various cities. I think these are the most realistic looking depictions of Godzilla in a city. Often Toho will use models when Godzilla fights his enemies and will sometimes use Godzilla as a backdrop against a real city scene with real people. The latter are that type of scenes we see at the start of this movie and they are best I have seen.

I like the design of Destroyer and since he is the result of the toxic pollution from the oxygen destroyer and given that he morphs from a seas creature into many creatures and then eventually a giant monster, was the same scenario in Godzilla vs the Smog Monster. Some people criticized the movie for repeating that scenario but I cannot place blame on them especially when this movie executed those ideas more successfully.

It was sad to see Godzilla die and yet the way it was handled was very moving and very well done. What I have mixed feeling about is the revival of Godzilla jr into another Godzilla. If you have read my post “Let them Die” you will see that I don’t like when the franchise will not kill off a main character. On the one hand having Godzilla jr revived and morphed into Godzilla does take away the sting of Godzilla’s death. On the other hand ending the movie with the death of Godzilla and his son would have been a bold move but a bit of a downer. Also, having Godzilla live once again does speak to the point that Godzilla is indestructible. So I am mixed.

All in all one of the better Godzilla movies. Toho was not planning on making any more Godzilla movies for a long while as it had turned over the right to the character to Tri-Star pictures for them to make a series of American produced Godzilla films. Stay tuned for next week when I review that film.

 I rate this movie: A


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