Star Trek Into Darkness: First 9 Minutes

Mini-spoliers below.

The other day the first 9 minutes of Star Trek into Darkness have been seen. There is both good news and bad news. Well, bad news if you were expecting the identity of the villain to be revealed, because that just doesn’t happen. The good news is that we are treated to a thrilling and adventurous tease at the beginning of the movie.

The movie begins with a couple on their way to visit thier daughter in the hospital where they are greated by a menacing looking Benedict Cumberbatch offering to heal their child. The next scene flashes to kirk and Bones on a planet covered with a red-vine like substance and being chased by chalked face natives trowing spears. The next scene show the USS Enterprise submerged underwater on this planet as the crew is trying to study them. We see Spock entering a valcano trying to prevent its erreuption and Kirk contemplating if he should place the ship in danger to rescue him or not?

It has been revealed that Cumberbatch is playing a man named John Harrison. Fans seems to be saying that this is one of the most non threatening bad guy names in the history of the franchise and I would have to agree with them. John Harrison was a very obscure background character that was only mentioned by name in the first season episode “Space Seed” of the original series. This is leading fans to speculate that Cumberbatch may be Khan and the Harrison name is just a cover up or he was one of Khan’s henchmen. Despite the reveal of the name the mystery continues.

One complaint about the trailer seems to be about the USS Enterprise. In the last movie people complained that the Enterprise was built on land. In this movie the complaints are rolling in that the Enterprise is hiding in the ocean of this planet instead of orbiting the planet. The culture is primitive so they could just as easily orbit the planet without being detected. Yes, that is true. I am sure some technobable reason will be given for the Enterprise being underwater so I am not worried. I also don’t care if a reasonable explanation is not given. I think seeing the Enterprise rise up out of the ocean will be just awesome to see and it will also be new and different. How many times have we seen pictures of the big E just orbiting a planet? I am in for something new.

I am extremely excited about seeing this movie and the more I see and the more I learn the more excited I get! May 2013 can’t come fast enough!


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I was born in 1963 and that is relevant to my development of my love for science-fiction and fantasy movies, comic books, superheroes and many other things attributed to Nerd culture. In the 60s I watched all the Saturday afternoon Godzilla and monster movies I could take. In the 70s I became hooked on Star Trek. I am also an artist (in my own mind at least) and a musician. I enjoy learning about physics, astrophysics, chemistry and earth silences such as meteorology, anthropology, paleontology. When I reached my late 30s I began to re-explore my nerd roots. I reconnected with my love of science fiction and fantasy movies along with the other science related topics. For this blog I will focus on movie and TV reviews for science fiction and fantasy and post my thoughts on up coming movies. I will also include some fun facts from the various sciences I enjoy along with weather facts and bits from royalty and history. What I will not discuss is religion and politics. I am married to a beautiful woman named Sarah and have a lovely daughter named Danielle.

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  1. so like – Where can I see this 9 minutes??

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