Geen Lantern: Movie review.

I thought I had reviewed this movie. I searched my archives and could not find it. If this is a repeat then my apologies.

Reviews were mixed for Green Lantern although all the trailers I viewed indicated that it would be a movie that I would thoroughly enjoy. And I was right. From beginning to end Green Lantern is a special effects extravaganza and an entertaining origin story. I generally do not care for origin stories because being familiar with a superhero character means I already know the story and would rather see something new. With Green Lantern we really have the best of both worlds. The movie does not delay in placing the ring of power on the finger of Hal Jordan. From there we watch as Hal struggles to meet the burden placed upon him while the Earth is threatened by Parallax one of the Guardians of Oa that has turned evil.

There is good character development with Hal who is depicted as being a womanizing cocky and brash pilot to a responsible superhero. The CGI is top-notch and the depiction of Oa, the guardians and many of the other aliens that are a part of the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps rivals the special effects seen in the more recent Star Wars prequels. The relationship between Hal and Dr. Hector Hammond, who is infected with the yellow power of Parallax, could have been better fleshed out and brought to more depth. The same could be said with Hal’s relationship with Carol Farris. There seems to be little justification for the affection between the two given the characterization of their earlier antagonism toward one another.

Parallax has a habit of easily defeating the other Green Lanterns in the Corps and after the Guardians of Oa refuse to help him, with the encouragement of Sinestro a future supervillian, Hal faces the Corps most notorious villain alone. I won’t give away the ending and although origin stories can be predictable, as this one certainly is, the story is told in a manner which is exciting and entertaining. I am unabashedly a CGI junkie and this movie delivers on that account. Therefore combined with a story that is pretty riveting despite its predictability along with great eye candy The Green Lantern is a good introduction for this underdog and little known superhero.

Also, want to add that I really would like to see Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern in the Justice league movie. However, I do not think that is going to happen. If the Green Lantern is in the JL movie, which I think he will be, then I am sure he will be recast since it seems like WB is going to distance themselves to all superhero movies for this project. It looks like the Man of Steel movie will be the starting point for the JL movie.


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  1. I agree, I thought it was a lot better than most people made out. I especially loved the way they handled the secret identity with his love interest. I thought the action and the effects were great, perhaps it tried to do a little too much but at least it was fun.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I am disappointed we won’t get a sequel but it was a good movie!!

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