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Winners and Losers this summer. Part I

I wanted to take some time with this post and look at how some movies did this past summer. I will only be looking at a select few. Summer block buster season has become a big money making machine for the movie industry. Right now science-fiction/fantasy and superhero movies are all the rage. Is the enthusiam starting to fade? I am not sure. While science-fiction/fantasy and superhero are the trend right now this trend will not continue forever. We will still have these types of movies, maybe just less of them.

Box Office Mojo reported that the domestic earnings for this summer reached a record high of $4.76 billion. Some of our favorite movies did well some did not. Iron Man 3 did very well. Often the third movie in a franchise will see the law of deminishing returns in effect. However, Iron Man 3 made $408 million domestically and $806 million for a worldwide total of $1.2 billion making Iron Man 3 the fifth all-time box office movie.

Next I will mention a couple of animated movie. First up is Despicable Me 2 . This is another movie that did not suffer from the law of deminishing returns . Domestically, it made $355 million and that was more than $100 million more than ranked Despicable Me 1. Where the movie really made its killing is overseas where it made $467 million so far. Despicable Me 2 should ultimately finish with over $900 million worldwide.

Monsters University also did well. It is Pixar’s fourth all time box office success, making $264 million domestically and $450 million overseas for a grand total of $715 million world wide. Not bad at all. 

Stay tuned for the next entry where I will discuss movies that did not bomb but also did not do nas well as expected.