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Godzilla’s Enemies: Part IV

14. Kumunga: Kumunga is a giant spider first seen in the movie Son of Godzilla. Nothing special to this monster in my opinion. Just a giant spider that gives Minya or Manilla (which ever name you choose for Godzilla’s son) a run for his money and a lesson in learning how to fight. Kumunga, called Spiga in the American version of Son of Godzilla returns very briefly in Godzilla: Final Wars where Godzilla makes short work of him.
15. Manda: Manda is a giant snake like monster that doesn’t do a heck of a lot. I remember him most fondly in Destroy All Monsters when he wraps himself around a bridge. Other than that he was frozen and in the movie Godzilla: Final Wars and then destroyed by the ship Gotenga
16. Mechagodzilla: Mechagodzilla is a giant robot that looks like Godzilla. He has had various incarnations throughout the history of the franchise. When he debuted in 1974’s Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla the franchise had taken a kiddie friendly turn by then so I found Mechagodzilla to be rather silly back then. In the Heisei and Millennium series the Mechagodzilla character took on a more serious tone and grew in credibility in my opinion. My favorite movies featuring Mechagodzilla were the two from the Millennium series Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla and Tokyo S.O.S. where Mechagodzilla was given the name Kiyru.
17. Megalon: Ah, Megalon. A monster from what many fans consider the worst Godzilla movie ever made. While I do not think it is the worst Godzilla movie ever made it is a one of the very cheesy kid friendly movies. Megalon, is a giant Cockroach type of monster released on earth by the Seatopians an underground dwelling race of people who want to punish earth for their use of nuclear bombs. Megalon has drill bits for hands and a star on the top of his head but other than that he resembles a a Cockroach that is standing upright. I have to say that this is one of the goofiest monsters Toho ever made and while I really don’t care for this monster I don’t exactly hate it either.