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Who was the best Clark Kent?

A while back I did a post on who was my favorite Superman. Of all the live action portrayals of the Man of Steel which was my favorite. It came down to George Reeves for me because he personified and projected strength. So have Cavill and Christopher Reeve but not to the extent George Reeves did. But what about his later ego, Clark Kent? Who played that part of the character the best. Ironically, I have to eliminate George Reeves right off the top! He played the role very well. However, my problem with his portrayal of Clark was that it was hardly no different from his portrayal of Superman. Clark is supposed to be a “mild mannered” reporter. George’s Clark was a very hard nosed reporter. Sure, there were moments that they portrayed him as being timid but those were very brief and far in between.

I think in order to portray Clark and not to reveal that he is Superman the personalities must be distinct. However, there are always two ends of the spectrum. George was too far at the end of the spectrum where there was too little distinction between the two roles. Christopher Reeve went too far in the other direction! He made his Clark Kent a bumbling fool! That was not always that much fun to watch. Plus, we really didn’t get to know his Clark Kent that well…

...and that is where things have changed! Both Reeves and Reeves came out of a time when Superman was the primary identity and Clark was the secondary identity. In other words, Superman was who he really was and Clark was just a disguise. That changed later in the 80s and 90s to where Clark Kent was the true identity while Superman was the disguise. In this paradigm we get to see a Clark that is much different and not just a throw away character.

The recent Man of Steel movie went in that direction. The entire movie is about Clark Kent discovering who he is. At the end he becomes Superman but Clark is the real person it seems. I cannot pick Cavill’s Clark as the best because we really haven’t seen this Clark play both roles yet. So we do not know how different, if at all, will his Clark and Superman be?




Godzilla’s Enemies: Part VI

21. MUTO: The MUTOs were the monsters featured in the 2014 American Godzilla movie. I have to say they are my favorite enemies! They are design very similarly to the Cloverfield monster, a design I really like, plus, they give Godzilla a great fight. Through the use of CGI these monsters look life-like and the way the director showed the scale of them they look huge! I hope we see them again some day.
22. Orga: Orga is a unique monster. Featured only once in the film Godzilla 2000, Orga was the creation of aliens that had been resting in their ship for 65 million years. Made from cells from Godzilla this shape shifting alien takes on a hideous form and they way Godzilla defeats him is pretty creative. This is one of my top favorite foes to fight the big G.
23. Rodan: Sometimes Rodan is an enemies and some times he is not. He looks like a giant Pterosaur and outside of Godzilla Rodan is one of my very favorite monsters from Toho studios. He will be used in one of the sequels to the American Godzilla movie and I look forward to seeing how life-like he will be designed.
24. Spacegodzilla: This monster, which is just another version of Godzilla himself except he is larger and has giant crystals protruding from his shoulders and his spines are also crystals. The movie, Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla is one of the less popular Heisei movies. I like the movie it does have some good points but Spacegodzilla himself is just way too silly and hokey for my book!
25. Titanosaurus: Titanosaurus is the name of an actual dinosaur. However, the Toho monster of the same name looks completely different. This version has a very long neck and sweeping fish like tail. I have mixed feelings about this monster. On the one hand I do like monsters based off of dinosaur designs. In the movie he is in (?????) the long neck is not stable and makes his head bob up and down and that is very distracting. His roar is also one of the more irritating roars from Toho’s monsters. With a tweak to the neck design and given a new roar it would improve this monster in my opinion.
26. Veran: Veran, like Rodan, also had his own movie. I really didn’t care for it. He is a giant flying squirrel type of monster who also was seen briefly in Destroy All Monsters. He was going to be used in Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters all out Attack. But the powers that be in Toho studios rejected that idea in favor of a more popular enemy. I know he has his fans but I see him as a pretty forgettable monster.

Godzilla’s Enemies: Part V

18. Megaguruis. This is another one of the insect type of monsters that Godzilla has fought. I apologize to Mothra but this is my very favorite insect monster that Godzilla fights against. He/or she…I think it is a queen, appears in the Millennium series Godzilla vs Megaguruis. I generally don’t care much for giant insect monsters but this one is an exception. I like the design, much like a giant dragonfly, and the battle between Godzilla and he is pretty epic and well done.
19. Moguera: Technically not a monster but a machine similar to Mechagodzilla. This machine, which looks like a metallic penguin, appears in the movie Godzilla vs Space-Godzilla. Since the prior movie in the series already featured Mechagodzilla Toho wanted a different mechanical type of thing fighting Godzilla. It is a bit silly looking but over all I am a bit ambivalent toward this creature not hating it but really not liking it too much either.
20. Mothra: Mothra is a giant Moth with wings that are very colorful. Mothra is the only monster in the Toho panoply that is female? (with the possible exception of Megaguiris) In some movies, such as Destroy All Monsters, Mothra appears in her larval form throughout the movie. In other movies Mothra appears in both her Larval and adult forms. Sometimes she appears only in her adult form. I do have mixed feelings about Mothra. Although I recognize that she is one of the more popular monsters to fight against Godzilla (or with him when he is the good guy). I am just not that crazy about insect monsters. Mothra just doesn’t seem that threatening of a monster. Mothra is often accompanied by twin fairies called the the Shobijin and I must say that the Mothra song they sing to summon her is a great song.