Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Music of Michael Tomlinson

No, this is not Spam. This is blog owner Bill Foley here with an important message. Please forgive me for this one indulgence. I would like to take a break for a moment and speak about something important to me. Michael Tomlinson is one of the best singer-songwriters in the business these days. He is in the process of creating a beautiful new album and if his past work is any indication this new CD will fill your soul and make you smile and make life just that much enjoyable. So, let’s all support Michael Tomlinson in any way you feel moved. Financially, emotionally, pass this on to a thousand friends, what ever you can do. In a world that can be difficult Michael’s music shines through and lets us all know how positive and joyous life truly is.


Coming Back……next week!!

I will be bringing this blog back to life next week. I am going to do it a little differently. I will feature more topical posts like I have been doing, such as who is your favorite Superman etc. I will also being doing reviews of old films and new films, they just will be shorter. I have learned writing long reviews is just not my thing so I will include them but they won’t be drawn out. I find people don’t like to read a lot of text on the computer. So, new and interesting topics will be coming along starting next week!! If you have a topic you would like to read about just let me know!!!