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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, trailer review

This past weekend the full trailer for the movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released. My first reaction was Holy Crap! Holy Crap meaning that was excellent! I am certainly not one that hated Man of Steel so I am greatly looking forward to this next movie. In my participation in various message boards and groups Man of Steel (MOS) does have its fair share of haters. Those haters of course ceremoniously also are sticking their noses up at this movie before they see it.

One of the reasons people tended to hate MOS was due to the rampant destruction. They seem to side with Holly Hunter, playing the part of a Senator that heads a committee holding Superman responsible for the destruction. Another reason the haters hated MOS was its failure to addresses the mass destruction issue. However, it looks like this movie will be addressing that very issue! Plus, we see Bruce Wayne, who was apparently in Metropolis on the day of the fight between Superman & Zod, and this is the impetus for the distrust and rivalry between the two Superheros.

I would like to comment on the main focus of the movie. The fight and rivalry of Batman & Superman. I grew up in an era where Superheroes fought other Super villains and not one another!!! I grew up in the 60s and 70s with the Super Friends cartoons and Batman and Superman were the best of buds and on the same side. From my participation in fan groups and pages dedicated to Superheroes (I even run one myself) having Superheroes battle one another is all the rage. Personally, I find it a bit annoying. Sure, some rivalry and bruised egos and distrust will make for some good story telling, and I don’t mind it going that far, but these out and out hatred and battles between them are not what I really like to see.

Reading the official synopsis of the movie does give me hope that this rivalry will not last long as a bigger threat arises forcing Batman and Superman to join forces against a bigger threat.

Two more points before I end this. I was on board when Ben Affleck was chosen as the new Batman for this film. You would think the internet had broken when so many fans had a meltdown when Ben was chosen. Haters crawled out of the woodwork! Today, I am happy to say that haters have dwindled in number to a very small few. The same can be said of the casting of Gail Gadot and Jessie Eisenberg as Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor respectively, as we view more pictures and trailers more and more prople are coming on board.

The tone of the movie looks good, it will have a lot of action and adventure with good drama and conflicts. I like the fact that Superman is not universally loved in theis Universe. It is like the real world. If someone that powerful did live among us, I am sure there would be those who did not trust him or did not like him.


Jurassic World: Preview

What happens to kids who love Dinosaurs? They grow up to be adults who love Dinosaurs!! 

I remember my friend George took me to see Jurassic Park when it was in the theater telling me I had to see this on the big screen.  Boy was he right! Jurassic Park was a breakthrough in special affects and dinosaurs never looked more real. They raised the bar on special affects, especially for creatures and monsters. While Jurassic World doesn’t seem to be as ground breaking as its predecessor but it does show how great these affects looks today. Although I do think the FX in the original movie have not aged at all.

I enjoyed all three Jurassic Park movies. The first and the third are my favorites and while I do like Jurassic Park: The Lost World, it is missing some fun and a little soul to it. So what are my expectations for the Jurassic World? First of all I have read a synopsis of the plot but I won’t spoil it for you here. So, the story sounds pretty good. I like Chris Platt from Guardians of the Galaxy and his role here (mini spoiler) is that he is a Raptor trainer and has an essential part in the plot. Also, and I say this without judgment, there is a bit of formula in these movies and basically its that once you mix humans and dinosaurs together mayhem will ensue. So I am expecting that in this movie. We also know that there is a new hybrid dinosaur that is the main threat and it has been rumored that the T-Rex from the original movie will make an appearance. I am also happy to learn that the movie will take place Isla Nublar which is where the first movie was set. It is the first sequel and second film to take place on Isla Nublar, as the previous two sequels took place on Isla Sorna.

My expectations are rather high given what I have seen and what I know of the film. Honestly, they would have to go a long way for me to be disappointed in this film! This movies I am looking forward to the most for this summer!! Directed by Colin Trevarrow the film was produced by Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley, and is scheduled to be released on June 12, 2015 in North America, by Universal Pictures.

The Seventh Son

From wikipedia…

Seventh Son is an upcoming 2015 fantasy film very loosely inspired by the novel The Spook’s Apprentice (titled The Last Apprentice in America). The story centers around Tom Ward, a seventh son of a seventh son, and his adventures as the apprentice of the Spook. It is directed by Sergei Bodrov and stars Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges, and Julianne Moore. It features music composed by Marco Beltrami, which he replaced A. R. Rahman and Tuomas Kantelinen. It is scheduled to be released in 3-D and IMAX 3D February 6, 2015.

Seventh Son has switched release dates multiple times. It was originally scheduled for release February 22, 2013, but moved back to October 18, 2013, to complete post production. It again moved from October 18, 2013, to January 17, 2014, due to the film’s backer Legendary Pictures parting ways with Warner Bros., who were initially intended to distribute the film. On August 15, 2013, it was announced that Legendary has sold the distribution rights to their new partner Universal Studios which pulled the film off its January 17, 2014 release date. The release of the film has been moved to February 6, 2015.


  • My thoughts. I am really looking forward to this film. I just love fantasy films set in the middle ages with Dragons and wizards etc. One of the things that looks good about this movie is the fact that it seems like a mixture of action and adventure and some humor.
  • In recent years many movies, such as the Batman Trilogy, have taken a more serious approach to these types of movies. Even Man of Steel was too serious for some. In some recent movies of the science-fiction-fantasy genre I have seen a slow moving away from the super-serious approach.
  • In my opinion that is a good thing. While I do not mind the serious approach, I do not like a movie to be super serious for the entire film. I think movies such as the Avengers and Iron Man and Captain America have struck that balance with seriousness, fun and action and adventure.
  • The Seventh Son seems to be the same in that regard. The special effects look great and the story looks interesti9ng and engaging.  I love the look of the dragon and other monsters!
  • I was a little worried and frustrated that the movie kept being pushed back. Some fear this means it won’t be good. Some feared, like myself, that it would never see the light of day. Movies released in February are generally not bad but not seen as being of the quality of a summer blockbuster. However, since I am a very easygoing viewer and I love the trailer, I have little doubts that I will like this.

Here is the YouTube Trailer…






Elysium: My Expectations.

Elysium is a new science fiction film that will be released on August 9, 2013. The  film is written, co-produced and directed by Neill Blomkamp (District 9) and stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. Here is a synopsis of the movie courtesy of Wikipedia.

In the year 2154, the very wealthy live on Elysiuma Stanford torushigh-tech space station governed by President Patel (Faran Tahir), in a utopian setting which includes access to private medical machines that offer instant cures, while everyone else lives below on the overpopulated, disease ridden, ruined, “Third World slum”Earth has become. Those who maintain Elysium will stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve their citizens’ lifestyle, even destroying ships that attempt to get there.

After an industrial accident leaves him with a cancer virus, 36-year-old factory-worker and ex-con Max DeCosta (Matt Damon) has only five days to get from Los Angeles to Elysium in order to be cured.Max straps into a powerful exoskeleton and attempts to kidnap a rich businessman (William Fichtner) in order to steal his identity and hijack his way into Elysium. This pits him against Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) and her violent secret police forces, led by Agent Kruger (Sharlto Copley).

My Thoughts: From the director of District 9, a  very original take on the traditional alien invasion movies, comes another gritty dystopian view of Earth’s future. I have said in the past that I generally do not like Science Fiction movies with too strong of a dystopian theme. I have also said there are exceptions and this looks to be one of them. I really like the premise because it does mirror things in our society. Science Fiction often takes current issues and takes a look into the future to see how this problem may get worse in the future if humanity does not address the issue.

With Elysium we have a future where those who have plenty have left the Earth where society has crumbled and poverty and disease reign. Those are concerns of mine as I see the rich getting richer and the poor have less and less opportunity to better themselves. How far will it go? In the movie Matt Damon is sick and dying and the cure for his illness is found off earth in Elysium where the healthy and the wealthy live.

The trailers look very good and I like both Matt Damon and Jodie Foster so my expectations that I will enjoy this movie are pretty high. I only had one concern with one of the trailers I saw. It was actually a featurette. Agent Kruger, who had just tossed out a bomb and yells, “It was only a Flesh wound.” Yes that does sound like dialog that could be from any popcorn munching action movie starring Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, but that wasn’t my problem. My problem with the line was that it sounded as if Sharlto Copley was channeling comedian Dana Carvey when he said it!

This movie seems to be a gritty science fiction action adventure movie with a premise I find interesting and unless it is executed in a manner that I find boring, like getting bogged down too much in politics, I don’t think I will dislike this movie.

European History and American Movies

This post will be a slight change of pace for me. Instead of science fiction I wanted to discuss historical movies today. I have been watching many of them lately. Lately I have been watching movies related to the Tudor dynasty, specifically Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. I own and watched the Tudors the Showtime miniseries, the Henry VIII miniseries starring Ray Winstone, the movie Anne of the Thousand Days, and a miniseries on Elizabeth I starring Helen Mirren and the two movies about Elizabeth I starring Cate Blanchett. Also have many more royalty related movies. This did get me thinking about how popular some stories and royal figures are popular here in the US.

Movies such as Braveheart and those based on the character Robin Hood have featured royalty and have done very well. The movie Young Victoria did well here in the United States as did another movie based on Queen Victoria, Her Majesty, Mrs Brown, starring Dame Judi Dench. One of my favorite royalty based movies is Restoration starring Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) and Sam Neill as Charles II. I recently purchased the 1982 TV movie of Ivanhoe also starring Sam Neill and James Mason and featuring Julian Glover as King Richard I of England. Ridley Scott’s movie Kingdom of Heaven is also one that I enjoy which takes place in the Holy Land during the Crusades and features King Baldwin IV of the European Kingdom of Jerusalem and his battle for the land against the famous Muslim leader, Saladin. Even King Richard I shows up at the end on his way for his historic encounter with Saladin.

I think I have established that movies about European history and European Royalty do play well here in the states. When I look through the movies I own and have seen what strikes me is that there are still many stories that I would love to see that have not been filmed yet.

Here are some of my ideas for movies i would love to see made some day:

1. The life of William the Conqueror. I could see this movie done on an epic scale of Braveheart. To keep it simple I would just focus on the conquest of England itself. But there are many themes to that story to make it interesting. The Battle of Hastings would make for an epic filled battle. Also it would be interesting to film how the Norman army mistook the celebrations during the coronation as some type of rebellion began to set fire to the town!

2. The life of Charlemagne. The King of the Franks who also became the first Holy Roman Emperor and created one of the most powerful empires in Europe. There is a goldmine of stories from his life.

3. The start of World War I. I think you could create a great drama of the tensions between all of the royal heads of states after the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand.

4. The life of Austrian Emperor Franz-Joseph who saw his wife, son, and great-nephew (the aforementioned Archduke Franz-Ferdinand) all die in his life time amidst tragic circumstances.

5. I would like to see a sequel to Young Victoria and show the circumstances of their relationship and her reaction to the death of her husband, Prince Albert, the Prince Consort.

6. I hope someday they make one more movie with Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth I showing the end of her reign and all the drama that went with it.

Those are just some of the ideas I have floating in my head for feature films…or maybe a miniseries for topics related to royalty. I know that the BBC is producing a miniseries called the White Queen about Elizabeth Woodville the wife of King Edward IV and the tumultuous times of the Wars of the Roses. I am looking forward to seeing that!


Pacific Rim: My Expectations

I am going to start by copying the plot outline from Wikipedia. Forgive my slothfulness.

In the near future, giant monsters identified as “Kaiju” arise from a crevice in the Pacific Ocean, resulting in a war which takes millions of lives and quickly consumes humanity’s resources. To combat this new threat, a special type of weapon is designed: massive robots, known as Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. As time passes, even the powerful Jaegers prove almost defenseless in the face of a relentless enemy. On its last stand and on the verge of defeat, the remaining defending forces of mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes—a former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi)—who are teamed to pilot a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the early trials of the mechanical titans. Together, they must stand as the human race’s last hope against the mounting apocalypse.

I just love giant monster movies!! They are one of my all time favorite science-fiction subgenres. However, I must confess I was not always a fan of the giant robot theme in Kaiju films. I was about 11 when I saw Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla (1974) and even at that age I found it to be, well, a bit too corny. Even at that young age I din’t want my monster movies that had a verisimilitude too far beyond the plausibility of real life experiences. In other words, I could accept giant monsters but not robots that looked like giant monsters. That seemed silly. Why create a giant robot that looked like Godzilla? In Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla the giant robot looked like Godzilla, actually was at first covered to look like Godzilla’s skin, was a ploy by aliens to fool people. But it still seemed silly. Well, that was my thoughts as a youth. I have come to have a greater appreciation, love and respect for the giant robot aspect of these films.

That brings me to Pacific Rim. Honestly, my expectations are not too different from my expectations for Godzilla 2014. I do expect to see great monster/robot action and destruction. I have heard director Guillermo del Toro say that Pacific Rim will have a different tone than Godzilla 2014. Both movies are being produced and distributed by Legendary Pictures. In light of del Toro’s statement then my expectations are for a more lighthearted action and adventure movie.

I was very excited when I heard about the premise when this movie was in pre-production. When I saw the very first trailer I was slightly disappointed. It had too much of a Transformer vibe too me. I don’t mind Transformers, although I hated the second installment, I was expecting a different tone to the film. However, upon seeing other trailers are other marketing materials for the film my hopes once again were raised.

Both the robots and the giant monsters are designed very well. The tone of the film does seem like a fun action and adventure movie with great special effects. The human aspect of the story, triumph in the face of great adversity, also looks to be very interesting. So I greatly expect that this will be a movie I love and it will have many viewings when it comes out on DVD.

Man of Steel: My Expectations

The other day I wrote my expectations for the new Godzilla movie. Next up are my expectations for the next Superman movie, Man of Steel, and then next week will be my expectations for Star Trek Into Darkness. I think this will be a new theme. It will be interesting to write of my expectations prior to a movie’s release and then compare that with my actual review.

I am a big Superman fan and I own all of the Donner films on DVD, the animated series, the George Reeves 50s TV show and Lois & Clark. I even liked Superman Returns. Ok, I agree it needed more action but all-in-all it wasn’t too bad. Superman saving the airplane was the best part of the movie.

I actually wanted Brandon Routh to be Superman once again. However, once I learned they had cast Henry Cavill as Superman I was happy with the choice. I think this is the first buff Superman we will be getting. No offense to the other actors playing the role but people like Christopher Reeve and the aforementioned Brandon Routh were way too skinny. I actually was happy that this movie would be a fresh start and not connected to the Christopher Reeve Superman movies.

Well, I had mixed feelings actually. I didn’t mind saying goodbye to those movie and that specific continuity. Even though I own Superman III & IV I will admit they aren’t that good. What I had mixed feelings about was having another origin movie. Sure, Superman’s origins had not been told on the big screen in over 30 years but that wasn’t the problem. We have had so many origin movies over the last few years. Batman, Green Lantern, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, 2 Spider-Man origins, Captain America and on and on. I just didn’t want to sit through another origin story!! However, from all the trailers I have seen it looks like it will actually be a very good origin story. I hope we see a lot of Superman and don’t have to wait more than half the movie before we see the man in the blue suit.

Speaking of the new Superman suit..I freaking love it!! I think it is a brilliant design. I know that there are some fans that do not like it, but I think it looks great. Best suit ever. Many complain about the colors, a very deep blue rather than the a more light sky-blue color of Reeve’s suit. The biggest complaint has been the lack of the outer-underwear from previous incarnations of the suit. However many new designs, Batman for instance, have been going in that direction and I think this design looks fine without them. I love the deep rich colors and the extra-large cape. The only thing I do not like is the yellow in the “S” on his chest, it looks dull and dirty.

My only concern was with the involvement of Christopher Nolan. Now I do not mind a more realistic take on the Man of Steel, I just don’t want them to go as dark and gritty as his Batman trilogy. Superman is a bright character. Some have complained that he is a Super Boy Scout. To some degree he is. Superman Returns depicted him as a Christ-like figure. However, from the trailer I think we will get the best of both worlds. We will see a young Clark Kent struggling with who he is, but I think we will also get a movie with a lot of action an adventure.

I am also glad we have the return of General Zod, first scene in Superman II. It would have been so easy for them to use Lex Luthor once again as the villain but I think he has been used way too often. If this movie is to be a reboot and a fresh start then I am glad they have gone a different route in this aspect. I have not really cared for the depiction of Lois Lane on film so far. Kate Bosworth was pretty good in Superman Returns. She was a cute and spunky and feisty Lois. I also liked Erica Durance as Lois in the long running TV series Smallville. I am very intrigued with Amy Adams as Lois. I think she is pretty and a fine actress and I look forward to her portrayal. For those that complain Amy Adams has strawberry blond hair in this movie may have forgotten that in the 1950s Adventure of Superman TV series Noel Neill also had red hair.

In closing I have high expectations on this movie. From what I have seen from the trailers I think we are going to get an excellent Superman movie!

Summer Block Busters: Part 3

There were just a few movies I overlooked in this series so allow me to post them today.

White House Down (June 28, 2013)

This is the year of two movies about the White House being taken over by terrorists. Olympus Has Fallen is in theaters now while White House Down is coming in June. This movie stars Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, Richard Jenkins & James Woods.

Despicable Me 2 (July 3, 2013)

I really liked the original and I hope this one will be just as good. No plot synopsis as of yet. This movie stars Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Russell Brand, Al Pacino, Steve  Coogan, Ken Jeong

Hammer of the Gods (July 5, 2013)

This movie takes place in Scandinavia in the year 871. A young Viking warrior, faces hostile conditions and tribes to bring back his estranged brother to the kingdom he will one day rule. The movie stars Charlie Bewley, Elliot Cowan, Clive Standen, Guy Flanagan, Michael Jibson

The Lone Ranger (July 3, 2013)

The Lone Ranger has not done well on the big screen. In 1980 or was it 81 the last time he was on the big screen and it failed miserably. Johnny Depp stars as Tonto (can he pull it off?) with  Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger. From the looks of the trailer the tone of the film looks like the movie will be an action adventure with somje fun mixed in. My type of movie! These stars round out the cast. Tom Wilkinson, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, James  Badge Dale, Ruth Wilson, Helena Bonham Carter.

The Wolverine (July 26, 2013)

The X-Men’s favorite superhero is back with another solo film. His first solo film, 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, did pretty good at the box office but reviews are mixed. It was an alright film but not the ones fans really wanted. Here is hoping that this one will be it! It stars Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal  Yamanouchi, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Brian Tee

300: Rise of an Empire (August 2, 2013)

This is the sequel to 300. With Zack Snyder, who directed 300, now directing Man of Steel, Noam Murro is sitting in the directors chair. Based on Frank Miller’s latest graphic novel  “Xerxes” Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) attempts to unite all of Greece  by leading the charge that will change the course of the war. The movie stars Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey, Hans Matheson, Rodrigo Santoro,  David Wenham, Igal Naor, Callan Mulvey, Jack O’Connell, Andrew Tiernan

Kick-Ass 2 (August 16, 2013)

Kick-Ass  & Hit-Girl are back to fight crime. Jim Carrey also joins in on the fun. This movie looks like a raunchy fun action and adventure! Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chlo Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Morris  Chestnut, John Leguizamo, Donald Faison, Jim Carrey

The World’s End (August 23, 2013)

This movie stars the wonderful comedy team of Simon Pegg, & Nick Frost (Paul, Sean of the Dead) and it is about drinking parties and the end of the world…what more could you ask for? As they re-stage an old drinking marathon and decide what they need to do for their future, they must also face the world as it comes to an end. The movie also stars Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan, Rosamund Pike

There you have it….I knew there were more movies coming out that I wanted to see. Keep posted to this blog for further reviews!!


There is a new Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer and it shows some footage not seen in other trailers. This trailer focuses on Captain Kirk and as usual the good Captain has himself in some hot water. This post does have some Spoilers!

This is one of my three most anticipated films of 2013. The other two are The Man of Steel and Pacific Rim. I really enjoyed 2009’s reboot Star Trek. Even though I have been a fan since the early 70s and love the original series and the original crew the 2009 movie is my favorite Star Trek movie. This trailer, along with the other trailers I have seen, seem to insure that Star Trek Into Darkness will be my new favorite Star Trek movie.

One of the reasons is that it seems to be a movie I will enjoy more is that it looks to be filled with action and adventure. Some of the criticisms the 2009 movie received by some of the more rabid fans is that because that movie also had a sense of action and adventure, it was said to have been a dumbed down version of Star Trek. I couldn’t disagree more. Star Trek has a reputation of being cerebral and an intellectual Science Fiction franchise.

I do not think that reputation is well deserved. Yes, Star Trek, specifically, the original series, did have though provoking episode that dealt with current social problems of the day. Star Trek: The Next Generation is more cerebral than the original series. While I also love the Next Generation some of the episodes, that dealt with more intellectual themes are a bit boring to re-watch today.

I have no shame in admitting that I love action and adventure and my desire for great intellectual science-fiction is not very high. I do enjoy science-fiction that does make us look at ourselves and our current state and the directions in which humanity is moving, but I also do not want it to be heavy-handed or preachy. I think the 2009 Star Trek did strike a good balance. We saw good character development juxtaposed with entertaining action and adventure.

Star Trek Into Darkness seems to also strike that same balance, character development, SPOILER ALERT…we do know that kirk gets in trouble and may actually temporarily lose his command, along with great action and adventure. The trailers pull me in and even in the short time span of a trailer I am lost in the viewing. That is what I look for in a movie and Star trek Into Darkness seems to be able to deliver on that promise of escaping into a world we have not experienced.

The movie opens May 15!

Since I just completed my review of all 29 Godzilla movies, I will , starting Friday, review all the previous Star Trek movies leading up to the new movie.

What is coming in the new year??

Like last year there were many movies coming out that I was looking forward to and 2013 is no exception. Today I want to take a brief look at some of the movies I am looking forward to. One of the interesting aspects of following movies is that despite all my work some studios keep their movies close to the chest and I will not even hear about some of them until it is close to their release date. I will only highlight some of the movies I am looking forward to. If I talked about all of them this post would be book length!

Here are my top 3 that I am looking forward to.

1. The Man of Steel. Starring Henry Cavill as Superman and directed by Zac Snyder. I have been a fan of Superman since I was very small. He is by far my favorite Superhero. Christopher Nolan has been on board as a producer and he and Snyder want to bring a sense of realism to Superman. Some fans, like myself, do not want to see Superman being a dark and brooding character. He isn’t Batman after all. Despite that slight worry I am very optimistic about the movie. From the trailers I have seen I am almost giddy with anticipation.  I also really love the redesigned costume. This movie also features Zod as the villain who has not been seen since Superman II. Superman II has been my favorite Superman movie so far therefore I am happy to see Zod return. This movie is a reboot of the franchise and will have no relation to the Christopher Reeve Superman films. Sometimes I am not crazy about origin stories because it takes too long for the superhero to show up, but from the trailers I have seen it does seem like Superman will be seen a great deal of the movie.

2. Star Trek Into Darkness. I have been a fan of Star Trek since I saw the original series in syndication back in the early 70s. I have loved all of the movies, for the most part, and the other series in the franchise…except for DS9 which I could never get into. After the poor showing of Star Trek: Nemesis the Franchise was pretty much dead in the water…or should that be dead in space? Then along comes JJ. Abrams who reboots the original series characters and delivered a great movie that rescued the franchise from the abyss. A couple of trailers have been released and as much as I enjoyed the most recent movie this looks to top that one. A madman is on the loose (ok, that is nothing new) and Kirk looses his Captain’s chair due to being reckless and must find a way back to his proper place while saving the galaxy once again.

3. Pacific Rim. Giant Monsters rise from the Pacific via a dimensional portal and begins to destroy the earth. In a last-ditch attempt giant robots are formed to combat these giant beasts. I just love giant monster movies! The trailer to this does look pretty awesome. Yeah, the robots have a Transformers vibe to them but from what I have seen the movie looks like it will be great. I haven’t seen too many of the monsters and not sure much of the plot beyond the synopsis but giant monsters fighting giant robots?…how much more does a Nerd like myself want?

Godzilla comes out in 2014 and had it come out this year it would have been a trifecta for me. Superman, Star Trek and Godzilla was how my love for science fiction started when I was young.

There are many more movies coming out this year…that is the focus of this blog, to feature what is up and coming and also to look nostalgically at the past.

Keep checking back as I will feature more movies for the coming year!