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World War Z

I just saw the trailer for World War Z the other day and I thought I would share this with you because it does look pretty good. Here is a write up from Wikipedia then I will share some of my own thoughts.

World War Z is an upcoming post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Marc Forster and written by Matthew Michael Carnahan. It is based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks. Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, a worker at the United Nations, as he searches the globe for information that can stop the zombie outbreak that is bringing down nations.

Plan B Entertainment secured the film rights in 2007 and Forster was approached to direct. In 2009, Carnahan was hired to rewrite the script to the film. Filming began in July 2011 in Malta on an estimated $125 million budget, before moving to Glasgow in August 2011 and Budapest in October 2011. Originally set for a December 2012 release, the production suffered some setbacks. In June 2012, the film’s release date was pushed back and the crew returned to Budapest for seven weeks of additional shooting. Damon Lindelof was hired to rewrite the third act, but did not have the time to finish the script and Drew Goddard was hired to rewrite it. The reshoots were due to take place between September and October 2012.

World War Z is due to be released on June 21, 2013.

I like to gauge the temperature of the internet message boards on movies like these. I am really not into zombies, never seen the Walking Dead TV show and I have not read the book that this movie is based off of. I think the trailer looks good. Some of the complaints I have read about the movie is that it stars Brad Pitt. I think he is a fine actor. But I guess when some stars reach the high profile celebrity status that Pitt has reached some people suddenly will have an aversion to that actor. Another complaint from some fans after viewing the trailer is that the zombies are movie fast like a liquid when gathered en-mass. Well, I for one would be happy to see some fast moving zombies! The fear some fans have is that the movie will stray too far from the book. That is an area I have no knowledge of. It is a common complain with movies that have been made from books. I like the trailer, it looks to have a lot of action in it and since I am not the biggest horror movie fan that is a good thing for me. I will give this movie a try and I hope it turns out to be as good as it looks. 


What’s in the Hopper?

I have posted about movies that are coming out this year and next so today I want to mention some movies that are still in development phase. Being in development does not mean the film will see the light of day. There is a place called Development Hell where film ideas can languish for years and even decades before they get made. Sadly, some films never leave Development Hell.

One movie that is in development now and was supposed to have been released this year was a new American made Godzilla movie. There was an American Godzilla movie produced by Sony Pictures and directed by  Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin  (Independence Day) which did not do as well as expected at the box office. Although I enjoyed the 1998 American Godzilla movie many did not and the rights reverted back to Toho Studios and no sequels were ever made.

In  2010 Legendary Pictures acquired the rights from Toho Studio to make another American made Godzilla film, with a release date of 2012. The project was to be co-produced with Warner Bros., and Legendary has stressed that their film would have no association with the 1998 Godzilla that their film would be a complete reboot to the franchise.

Legendary Pictures has stated that conceptual artwork for Godzilla that would be consistent with the Japanese design of the monster is being pursued. In January of 2011 it was announced that Gareth Edwards, who directed Monsters, was hired to direct the new Godzilla film. Edwards, who is a Godzilla fan himself, has mentioned he will give this movie a new feel consistent with the character and would not share the tone and feel of the 1998 fiasco.  What has transpired thus far is that David Callaham’s first draft of a script was rejected and in November of last year (2011) Max Borenstein was hired to adapt a story outline by David Goyer to be turned into a script.

From the sources I have this new Godzilla movie is being pushed back until 2014. I have heard nothing else about this movie and hope it is not languishing and suffering eternally in Development Hell.

Another movie that is in Development Hell is a sequel to Cloverfield. Director Matt Reeves, Producer JJ. Abrams, and writer Drew Goddard have been saying they want to do a sequel but nothing has really happened in this direction. The reasons given by the three is a lack of a coherent direction for the sequel and the inability to have the time to get together to work on this project. I really would love to see a sequel to Cloverfield but I am certainly not holding my breath waiting. 


This is a large topic and I think I will dedicate Thursdays to examining science fiction and fantasy movies that are in development.