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An older Batman?

Word is out that WB is looking for an older Batman to appear in the sequel to Man of Steel. From my sources I have learned that Zack Snyder will be meeting with Frank Miller about the next film. Frank Miller is the author of the well-known classic graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns which depicted an older Batman coming out of retirement. 

This pretty much seals the deal that this Batman will not be from the continuity of the Nolan films. So, who be a good choice to play the older Caped Crusader? Richard Armitage, 41 — The British actor appeared in TV’s Strike Back is a contender, as is Max Martini, 43,. But the front-runner seems to be Josh Brolin, 46 an actor that WB studios has worked with on so many films. An actor others have suggested is Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. At 44 and with chiseled good looks many feel he would be good to play an older version of Batman. John Hamm, another older actor, once thought to be too old to play Batman, may just be the right age now to play this incarnation of the Dark Knight.

Brolin, Caviezel and Hamm (sounds like a law firm), any of these three would be my personal favorites to play Batman.

My one concern about a Superman/Batman film is that in these graphic novels the two characters are depicted to be rivals and even adversaries . We saw this type of relationship in the Avengers at the beginning when many of the superheroes were actually rivals until they saw the wisdom in joining forces. While I understand that a Superman and Batman movie does need to have drama and tension in the movie, I just hope they do not go overboard. I grew up in an era where Superman and Batman were friends and not adversaries.